For The Potential Client

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Onsite Care is a company that serves nursing and assisted living facilities in medical and mental health needs. The physicians and clinicians who will visit you are licensed professionals in their fields and provide the highest quality care possible. They work hand in hand with the nursing home staff to understand and serve your needs, to reach the goals set by you, the nursing home staff, your physician and your family.

I have been asked to be seen by someone from Onsite Care. What does that mean?

If you or a loved one is a new patient in a nursing home, many difficult changes have likely occurred. Whether it is an injury or you have simply become weak, the nursing home can assist you with regaining your health and your strength. The clinicians with Onsite Care are available to assist with your recovery. Often changes in life are quite difficult to accept. Losing independence and the ability to live alone, even for a short period of time, is hard. Often people feel stressed, sad, and may even become depressed. This is not a sign of weakness. Most people become depressed at least once in their lives. Or, stress and anxiety may become an issue, where a person may feel too anxious to eat, sleep or attend therapy. Worry about what could occur can keep someone from taking advantage of the help available in the nursing home.

Clinicians from Onsite Care are present to help with these and many other concerns related to your stay in a nursing facility. Physicians and nurse practitioners can assist with monitoring and managing medications that assist with depression and anxiety. Psychologists and counselors help with understanding the environment and the situation you find yourself in. They help with identifying what may keep you from improving and engaging in therapy and other beneficial activities, even necessary ones like sleeping well.

When someone from Onsite Care asks to visit with you, they will explain who they are and why they have come. You do not have to tell them anything that you do not wish, and what you share is kept confidential, with certain limits. But they are not there to find fault or criticize, just to assist with where you are in your recovery.

Different therapies take time to help, and care for emotional needs is no different. But you can feel confident knowing that your clinician from Onsite Care will hear your concerns and do the best they can to make you feel comfortable and overcome the difficulties that may interfere with a return to good health.