We intend to provide superior medical and mental health services to long term care residents. We seek to improve overall health with comprehensive management of all an individual’s health needs.

As your primary care team, we offer:
  • Relief from physical discomfort
  • Comprehensive management of medical healthcare needs
  • Easy referrals for specialist care
  • Improved wellness and preventative care services

As your mental health care team, we offer:
  • Relief from emotional discomfort
  • Comprehensive management of emotional healthcare needs
  • Thorough mental health assessments done by a team of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic professionals to better assess patient needs
  • Behavior plans to assist long term care staff and families, developed to help limit the need for psychotropic medications

All of our patients benefit from:
  • Efforts to reduce the use of medications
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Help with following challenging medical and mental health care treatment plans
  • Direct collaboration between healthcare providers
  • Involvement of loved ones in your care if desired
  • 24/7 services to address all health needs
  • Providers that care about you and your preferences
  • Informed discussions about your health and treatment plan
  • All services are brought to you

All of our facilities benefit from:
  • Seamless transition from other systems
  • Easy flow of communication with all departments
  • Simple and expedient referral process
  • Technology based services including all providers using electronic health record with typed notes and electronic prescriptions
  • Easy access to your clinicians
  • Rapid responses for urgent issues
  • Trained after hour services to address all health needs
  • Educational sessions for your staff
  • Improvement in regulatory adherence and attention to state and national standards
  • Full integration and communication with your staff, other providers, and pharmacy